Our Programs


We work with communities of survivors of mass violence to design and install permanent memorials commemorating the victims and survivors. These memorials act as sites of memory that can spur conversations about specific instances of violence and how to prevent future violence. We work directly with survivors to ensure their stories and the stories of those lost are properly represented. In designing memorials, we seek to engage local artists, ideally from within survivor communities, to commission the final products.

Holocaust & Human Rights Education

As subject matter experts in multiple mass atrocities and with our background in Holocaust education, we believe it is imperative to bring Holocaust and Human Rights Education to schools everywhere. We are working to develop new Holocaust curricula to broaden how we teach the lessons of the Holocaust as well as individual lessons addressing specific aspects of Human Rights. Please contact us to learn more or to have one of our experts come to your school, organization, or community.

Civics Education

We intend every program we offer to contain undercurrents of civics and education. We believe that, where possible, civic engagement is one of the strongest tools against mass violence. While we understand that not every community is afforded the opportunity to engage in civic processes, we hope to maximize the impact of those that can by equipping community members with thorough knowledge of their governments’ processes.

Educational Trips

The Crane Center offers trips to sites of memory with the goals of educating others about communities who have persevered through atrocity, of fostering a greater sense of empathy towards all peoples of the world, and of serving as a pedagogical tool for educators. We are currently partnering with the Peace Center for Forgiveness and Reconciliation (PCFR) for a trip that will retrace the path of survival for Kizito Kalima, a survivor of the 1994 Genocide Against the Tutsi and founder of PCFR.

Teacher Training

The Crane Center Teaching Fellows program will consist of educators who teach courses related to the Holocaust, Genocide Studies, Human Rights, Justice Rights, and Civil Rights. Teaching Fellows will attend intensive training sessions led by Crane Center staff and Fellows that focus on topics within the field of Mass Atrocity Prevention. Teaching Fellows will be expected to lead teacher training within their own school systems upon completion of the program with the help of Crane Center staff.